Everyone is different :)

The one thing I love most about competing in bikini would be the learning experience. To me, the best expression to describe competing in bikini is, “You have to fall down three times and stand up four.” When I first started dieting and training for my bikini show, I found that I seemed to complain to others all the time. Many of my phrases, some of which I am sure you have heard yourself say before, included “I wish I could eat normal food”, “I wish I could go out and have a drink”, or “you don’t understand”. I realized the more and more I complain, the less I’m able to encourage people to want to get in shape and stay fit. Isn’t that the point? We are trying to encourage a healthy fit lifestyle, so why be so negative towards it?

Find the right program for YOU!

My first lesson of dieting was developing the right one for me. Everyone is different and no one has the same exact body type. This is one reason  wonder why people assume that the same diets and workouts are going to work for everyone’s different body types. THEY WON’T!! This is still hard for me to explain to some people but the same meal every day with a cheat meal didn’t work for me. My body didn’t adapt well to it nor did my digestive system. Now does this mean it might not work for others? No, of course not because some people may like it better and not have health issues.

The same can be said for workouts. Some people say that fasted cardio 6 days a week works best for them to burn fat and lean out. As for me, every other day of 30 min moderate cardio with one HIIT session a week works best for me. Also, I train harder after having a meal in my system so I have more energy to complete my workout. So rather than copying exactly what someone else is doing, find a diet and workout that works best for you.

Stop Complaining!

If you hate eating the same thing every day or hate certain foods then don’t complain to others. Honestly, they really are probably sick of hearing you complain, so talk with your trainer and switch things up. I carb cycle now and yes, it’s harder to start off with and I don’t get a cheat meals. Even though I do high carbs days and I find myself 110% happier this way, I am not telling others to do the exact same thing because we are all different.  Experiment with different diets and see what works best for YOUR body.

The next big step is to stop complaining about your social life and what you can’t do. I have found it so hard to balance a college social life and a fitness lifestyle. I also came to realize though if I did go out every other weekend or so to see my friends they could care less if I was drinking as long as I was having a good time. Honestly, no one cares if you drink,  unless you sit there and complain about how you can’t and bring everyone else down with you. Go out and get water with a lime or a diet. That way no one knows that you’re not drinking but you can still have a good time. Alcohol does not have to be the deciding factor for you to have a good night. If so, this sport is not for you.

Don’t expect everyone to understand!

Last, but not least, don’t expect everyone to understand. Trying to tell my family I can’t eat pizza with them or I have to go the gym was really hard for them to catch on to. I really came to learn after a year that if I don’t expect them to live like me, then they don’t care how I eat or train. Similarly, when I’m with my friends, I don’t have to explain to them why one night of drinking or eating a blizzard is bad for me. All I need to say is “No thank you“. Like I also mentioned, DO NOT tell them what they should or should not do unless they ask. I would get in so many little fights because I was convinced no one understood me.  But that was because I was trying to make them have a passion for everything I love. People grow to respect you when you stay positive and show less negativity. Everyone is going to have bad days and everyone is going to complain here and there. Just do your best not to make a daily habit out of it and you will come to find out how much more respect you will earn from others.

The Beauties are here to help!

Hope everyone has a great week and enjoys my first little blog.  Also ALWAYS feel free to ask questions to any of the beauties because all three of us are so different and that’s what brings out our true beauty!!

Alaina xo
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