BN Beauty Blog – Setting Goals

Some people don’t get it, they wonder how I keep going?  What pushes me?  What makes me want to be my best?  How can I get up in the wee hours of the morning or go to the gym at midnight?  How don’t get I bored?  And then the other questions come…How can you run so fast?  What do you do to look like that?  Well, my answer is and always will be…GOALS!

Goals are so important to fitness and health.  They can be short term or long term, just be sure to set your goals.  I find that the more specific I am, the more likely I am to CONQUER them.  They don’t always have to be to lose 10lbs.  I have heard that before.  Say to yourself, “I’m getting my squat up 10% of my max by the end of the summer” or “I want to add plyos into my workouts once a week” or “instead of running on the treadmill, I want to pick a hill in town and kick its butt!”  Get creative, have a plan and KILL IT!

Goals can also be about being/getting healthy.  How about trying new healthy foods.  Or if you don’t like vegetables, make it your goal to try a new vegetable every week.  Make it a goal to drink a gallon of water a day or eat 1 gram of lean protein per pound of your body weight.

I want everyone to set a goal this week and rock it!  Be competitive with yourself, push yourself and don’t give up.  Tell yourself you can and make it happen!  My goal this week is to give 100% in my ALL of my workouts as Jr. Nationals approaches, no regrets!!!


~ BN Beauty Jazzla ~

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BN Beauty Blog – Coming off “the diet”

Competition or no competition, when you follow a strict diet for several months, your body becomes used to the daily intake of unprocessed foods.  When you come off of a regimen of “clean eating”, your body is more sensitive to simple carbs, sugars, sodium, and fats.  As a competitor, during show preparation, I follow a strict plan.  But after a competition, it is just as important to follow a plan to slowly return to higher calories and less strict eating habits.

Unfortunately, after a competition, many people binge eat for days or weeks, then suddenly find themselves 20-30lbs heavier.  Their body’s response is much more intense than a person who is not following a strict diet.  A careless eater could go out for 3 meals a day for 1 week and not have this same response because their body has already adapted to these foods.

After the night show and the following day, it is OK to enjoy your foods. However, it’s very important to avoid eating excessive amounts of unhealthy foods after your show.  I had great success in continuing my daily regimen of 6-7 clean meals on the Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday after my show.  But I also slowly added back foods in between meals and/or desserts. I also went out to dinner twice a week rather than once (as I would during show preparation).  You should expect some sort of weight gain, but by using moderation, the weight gain should not be as drastic.  I have seen several competitors fall into the trap of rapid weight gain post show and then require an extra 2-3 weeks during their next show preparation due to this weight gain.  Some may also fall into varying levels of depression.

So, if you currently use a nutritionist, ask them for a post competition plan to follow. It is important to follow healthy eating habits daily to reach your fitness goals. As this is a lifestyle – live it, love it, be it – B.N. Shape.

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