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Welcome, Sarah Olesky!

In her own words:

Hi, I’m Sarah and totally in love with my BN Shape family. I met Dozie while working at the 2012 Arnold Classic and it’s been a crazy-awesome relationship! I am so honored to be asked to be a BN Shape ambassador. I love the gear and more importantly the lifestyle that BN Shape promotes.

I’ve always been an active person. My parents always had me in sports and running around as a kid. I played sports all throughout high school and loved working with others on a team. I took my love for health and fitness to the next level and got my undergrad in Exercise Science from Slippery Rock University. I am also an ACSM certified health fitness specialist. I love how the body works and responds to different modes of activity and nutrition. While at Slippery Rock University, I ran cross country and track and hit a new level of training with this competitive university. With this new training, came new injuries and a realization that I couldn’t follow a cookie-cutter training plan for a team of 60 male and female runners. I physically broke down and had to get surgery on both of my legs because I wasn’t listening to my body. When the doctors told me that chances of me running again were slim, I knew I had to get serious about change.

Rehab was rough; learning to walk again was painful and the thought of running terrified me!  But I knew if I wanted to feel again how I felt when I ran that it wasn’t going to be easy and I could not give up. Well, I didn’t give up and I set a goal for myself to run a marathon. I ran my first marathon 18 months ago and I’ve run 3 since and qualified for the Boston Marathon in 2013. Between my marathons, I had to modify my training to get faster and stronger. I started taking resistance training serious and it made all the difference. In three months between marathons, I cut off 12 minutes and qualified for Boston. Every step of the way, BN Shape was with me. Those motivational texts from Dozie before my races seriously made all the difference and I always rock my BN Shape sports bra because when it gets to mile 17, I need a little inspiration.

This past summer I was asked to be the cross country coach for Seton La-Salle High School. I was excited for this opportunity but also scared. How was I supposed to coach boy and girl teenagers…to run? I wanted to take what I learned from my previous cross country career at Slippery Rock University and tailor it to their needs. I stressed mileage, speed work outs and circuit training. Most importantly, I promoted a healthy lifestyle. I wanted them to fall in love with running and most importantly, love being on a team. It’s one of the best support systems after your family and there’s a point when your team becomes your family. We had a great season and I can’t wait to coach again!

I love the BN Shape lifestyle. I was living it before I met Dozie but being a part of this family means so much to me. It’s who I am. I am currently back in nursing school and all my nursing friends are like “Sar, what should I eat; what should I do at the gym?” I love helping others re-vamp their lifestyle and make it a BN Shape one! I’m the nursing student doing lunges down the hall between patients and now the other nurses are too. Any increase in physical activity is a positive step in the right direction. Eating the apple instead of the chips is a positive step. The little steps turn into giant leaps and by then you don’t even remember your old habits. I’m trying to lead by example and I’m changing the stereotype of marathon runners; skin and bones. I want to redefine what a marathon runner “should” look like. We are strong. We have muscles. We are made for endurance. I get support and motivation everyday from the BN Shape posts and the gear. I love being at a race or in the gym and have people ask me “Where did you get that tank?” It’s such a positive affirmation and it’s so simple. It’s the truth though, I love Being In Shape.”

Awesome!!  Sarah represents everything we stand for at BN Shape, so we are very happy to welcome her as a BN SHAPE AMBASSADOR!!


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